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6/21/2018  Sammy A.
Joe: Germany might not be that fortunate. But it looks also that Ronaldo is craving for the WC this time.
6/20/2018  Joe T.
Sammy: Agreed. Both Portugal and Spain were very fortunate today.
6/20/2018  Sammy A.
Iran played fantastic tot against Spain, they were just unlucky the ball reflected off that leg. Alas!
6/20/2018  Joe T.
No Sammy, just plain scape goat. :)
6/20/2018  Sammy A.
escape G.O.A.T. ?
6/19/2018  Joe T.
Ronaldo made a very good case to be the G.O.A.T. while Messi was just the "goat" of the Argentina-Iceland game..
6/19/2018  Joe T.
Akin: very embarrassing indeed. They are going to have 6.5 spots into the 2026 World Cup, so it is likely to get worse then. To be fair, Germany and Poland lost also.... :)
6/19/2018  Francisco Antonio T.
Ronaldo set to score another golaso? 🤷‍♂️🤔🇵🇹
6/19/2018  Akin C.
Joe, what is happening to South American Soccer ?….in 5 games, 2 ties, 2 loses and 1 win against a 3rd class team… wow.
6/17/2018  Sammy A.
Well. Take a look at Marcelo as an example. Wasn't he the same one who scored a goal against his own team in the 2014 WC opening match?
6/17/2018  Akin C.
Famous Brazil defense strikes again... Group stages are turning to be interesting ;)
6/17/2018  Sammy A.
Big congrats to Mexico for outstanding performance against Germany, time for Swiss Army to shine after thst that neutralizer goal against Brazil.
6/17/2018  Daniel A.
What a big upset 🇩🇪Vs 🇲🇽
6/16/2018  Sammy A.
If Portugal and Spain keep playing at that same high level in yesterday's match, they could do some damage later on.
6/16/2018  Francisco Antonio T.
Wow, well played Iceland 🇮🇸! Messi, missed PK 😳😬 embarrassing...
6/15/2018  Joe T.
If any other game is nearly as exciting as the Portugal-Spain game, we are in for a GREAT World Cup this year. Just: WOW!!
6/15/2018  Sammy A.
Let's hope the portgues team don't play as the Saudis did.
6/15/2018  Francisco Antonio T.
Ronaldo set to score a golaso today 🇵🇹
6/15/2018  Akin C.
Saudis play defense almost as bad as Brazil 4 years ago…. :)
6/14/2018  Francisco Antonio T.
Good opening game for the host team 5-0 🇷🇺
6/14/2018  Sammy A.
Joe. yes, I noticed it. But seriously with 5-0 does the first goal even matter anymore ? haha! :)
6/14/2018  Joe T.
Sammy: I noticed the little push in the defender's back prior to the header. But most referees will not call that as a foul.
6/14/2018  Sammy A.
Offside. No one else noticed? The first Russian goal.
6/14/2018  Joe T.
Hi there Akin: We just woke up! :) I added the "Who are people picking?" link. Actual standings will be displayed once teams start getting eliminated. Good luck!
6/14/2018  Akin C.
Hey Joe, Thursday morning and no list yet !?...oh, California is still sleeping ;)
6/14/2018  Sammy A.
Just made my 2nd dream pick :)
6/13/2018  Joe T.
James: Should make the Portugal-Spain a bit more interesting... :)
6/13/2018  James C.
Spain just fired their coach..... that's crazy!
6/12/2018  CubanCowboy B.
“If you ain’t first, you’re last.” — Ricky Bobby
6/12/2018  Joe T.
Hi there Sammy. They will be available on Thursday morning, just before the opening game at 8:00 am.
6/12/2018  Sammy A.
Hi Joe, when are you going to show everyone's picks for this year?
6/12/2018  Joe T.
Hi there everyone. It is almost time! :) I had a few people ask: "How do I add another entry into the contest?". Simple: Just click on Edit My Profile and change the number of entries to however many you want to play. Good luck!
6/12/2018  Mark L.
Got two entries and I know nothing about soccer :-) But maybe two wrongs do make a right! Ready to be champion! Ok, ready to try and not embarrass myself :-)
6/6/2018  Sammy A.
only a week to the tournament. gonna be fun to watch. Go Morocco/Egypt/Tunisia/Iran/Senegal/Saudi Arabi/ and Turkey! wait! Turkey is not in this year. Hey! don't feel bad Akin :) Italy couldn't make it either.
6/1/2018  James C.
Thanks for the invite Joe!... I'm hoping to make it into the top 10!.. Cheers!
6/1/2018  Joe T.
Akin: Welcome back! Great to have you in the contest. Hoping for a Portugal miracle, but I think they already got one at the Euro. :D I agree, Germany looks tough, as always.
6/1/2018  Akin C.
Thanks for the invite... Joining the fun this year, because Turkey will win the WC... oh wait, they didn't make it :( .... so be it, Germany will win.
1/15/2018  Joe T.
Mo: The world cup this year starts on June 14th. Thanks for the reminder. I will add it to the website.
1/14/2018  morris d.
What's dates of tourney this year?
12/1/2017  Joe T.
This year's donation to the City of Hope will be made in memory Karen Eckenrode Delaney, 42, who passed on 11/24/2017.
She leaves behind husband Robert, sons Ian 13, James 11 and daugther Katie 9.