The name "FOLGA" came about because of the website "" that I created to promote the Antonio Toledo Memorial Golf Tournament, which I ran from 1998 until 2005.

         Since this event is no longer held, I wanted a way to keep in touch of all my friends who over years supported "LusoGolf" and its causes.

         I chose the name “FOLGA” because it is the acronym for:
Friends Of LusoGolf Association”.
And “folga” is the Portuguese word for “recess.” 
(Pretty clever, huh?  ;-)

        Since most members are long time friends of mine and I've made great friendships through this golf club, the acronym now means to me:
Friends Of a Lefty Golfer Association”.

         Anyone can apply for membership, and get an official S.C.G.A. handicap/index or just join our email listing for FREE, and be notified of future FOLGA golf outings.  Guests are always welcome!!

         100% of the funds raised by this club are donated to the City of Hope Cancer Research Institute.

Joe Toledo, founder.