F.O.L.G.A. Golf club
(Friends Of a Lefty Golfer Association)

Terms of membership:
    (Last updated on 12/19/2016)
1 Membership to FOLGA is available to any individual of 18 years of age or older. New FOLGA golfing members must be sponsored by a current, active member in good standing with the club.
2 The main purpose of the club is to have fun golfing and to raise funds for cancer research by donating extra funds to the City of Hope Cancer Research Institute.
3 Funds will be raised from membership dues, sponsored outings, contests, and other activities.
4 Membership dues - Membership dues will paid annually and are valid for the calendar year in which the membership was approved. Members who join during or after the annual members meeting, held in October, will be valid until the end of the following year.
5 Member Conduct - Members are expected to maintain proper decorum while participating in any FOLGA-sponsored event. Any member that has one or more members report inappropriate behavior that had made said members or guests feel uncomfortable, or is deemed to detrimental to the purposes or goals of this club, will be suspended or expelled from the club.
6 Expulsion If any member is expelled for just cause from the club will not have their membership dues refunded and will not be able to participate in any club activity as a member or guest.
7 Guests Any member can invite and/or bring guests into any FOLGA sponsored activity and they must abide and conform to the rules and regulations of said events. Members that invite or bring a guest to a FOLGA-sponsored event will be paired up with guest in the same group for that outing. If a member brings multiple guests, they will be placed on another group(s). Members will be held responsible for the conduct of guests.
8 Pairings - Groups for every outing will be assigned at random. The objective is to have everyone in the club to have the opportunity to know and play with everyone else in the club.
9 The FOLGA Golf Club board members reserve the right to change and/or amend these membership terms without notice. Current terms of membership will always be available for viewing at the club website at http://www.folga.org