Welcome to FOLGA Golf Club's website!

We are a fun and casual golf club, with a very modest membership fee, that allows even the "casual golfer" to establish an official S.C.G.A. handicap index.

In our outings, the participants choses which tees they want to play.   The only "money" that is play during our outings in closest-to-pin, half of which is donated to the City of Hope.   Most of our outings are played as "shotgun" so everyone starts at the same time and have more time to enjoy the festivities at the 19th hole! 

We usually play on the first Saturday of each month.   For a complete outing and special events schedule, just click here.

Anyone can apply for membership,  and become part of our growing club and have fun with a group of guys who understand that in golf "is not the score, but the company that counts."  We have occasional "golf outings" at selected golf courses throughout Southern California.   

If you don't care to have an official handicap/index, you can always join our Email List for free, and be notified of future outings and have the option to participate.   Guests are always welcomed.